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Lyrica Important Information

Lyrica is a medication belonging to the group of g-aminobutyrate acid derived agents. The main active ingredient is Pregabalin that lowers the agitation of the central nervous system, and so the convulsive seizures are arrested.
G-aminobutyrate acid is the essential inhibitory transmitter in the nervous system. The mechanism of the action consists in a stimulation of the production of this organic compound, so that the agitation of the central nervous system significantly drops.
The clinical studies demonstrate that a therapeutic effect occurs within 7-10 days. The increase of the g-aminobutyrate acid synthesis gradually slows down the excessive agitation of the neurons in the central nervous system, and therefore the effect will constantly grow. It achieves its peak in 3-4 weeks of a regular usage.
Pregabalin has a broad pharmacological action. It reduces neuropathic pain, inhibits anxiety, lowers the frequency of the seizures. However, Lyrica is often used during some number of the pathologies.


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