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The Best Disposable Face Masks To Buy Now

By now, you’ve stocked up on cute cloth face masks. You know the hack to use if your mask is too loose, and you’re basically a pro at preventing dreaded maskne. You even know how to DIY your own face mask in a pinch.

But let’s be real, sometimes you just need a disposable mask. They’re one-use, so you don’t have to worry about laundering them (who has the time?); if you misplace them, it’s no big deal, something that’s particularly pertinent for kids (or their forgetful parents); and you can get packs in a variety of colors, to switch it up depending on your outfit choice that day.

Face masks continue to be “one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread” of COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), so you might as well stock up. Disposable face masks often come in packs of 50 to 100, and the cost typically breaks down to way less than $1 per mask, so they’re budget-friendly, too.

What is the best disposable face mask for adults?

So, in the early days of the pandemic, you probably heard about the mask shortage. The best type of face mask is an N95 mask, but the CDC recommends that those only be used by healthcare personnel, since pandemics, like the COVID-19 pandemic, tend to deplete their supply. N95 masks are tight-fitting masks with respirators that can successfully filter at least 95 percent of particles in the air. So while these masks are definitely the best option, you can find plenty of masks that also do a great job and won’t take away from the PPE needs of essential workers.

How can you identify a good disposable mask?

First, you should make sure your mask has more than one layer, or that it’s woven with tight material. To figure out how tightly woven your mask is, you can conduct a candle test, says Suzanne Pham, MD, the Medical Director of the COVID-19 response team at Weiss Memorial Hospital. Wear your mask as you regularly would, and hold a candle about a foot away from you, and try to blow it out. “If it blows out, that means your masks is probably not doing as great of a job. If it doesn’t blow out very easily, then that probably means the fibers are quite tight and are trapping in particles well,” says Dr. Pham.

You can also do a quick test with your phone light. Shine your phone’s light through you mask and see how well you can see it on the other side. “If the light can be seen quite clearly that means that the fibers of your mask are not woven tightly enough,” says Dr. Pham. “So it’s not going to be able to trap the viral articles as you’re exhaling them compared to one where the light isn’t seen as well.”

The most important thing when it comes to a good disposable mask, though, is ensuring proper fit, says Dr. Pham. Your mask should fit properly above the nasal bridge and wrap under the chin. There should be no large gaps between the mask and your cheeks, adds Dr. Pham, and ideally, the mask should have a metal nose piece that allows you to shape the top of the mask around the bridge of your nose appropriately.

Though that’s a lot to take into account, don’t fret. You can find tons of different disposable masks at the click of a button through standardpharmacyonline. Whichever one you choose, make sure your mask fits snugly against the face, covers your nose and below the chin, has multiple layers of fabric—ideally at least three—and is secured with ear loops or ties. These are the best disposable masks on standardpharmacyonline right now.


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